High-end carbon seat post.

For our seatpost design the perfect amount of flex had the highest priority. Having achieved that we focused on easy usability with easy installation, easy adjustments and a safe clamping mechanism for carbon saddle rails.

Weight from 200g
EUR 189,- (MSRP)


Full-carbon seat post constructed from UD carbon fibre. Our top priority when designing this seat post was to incorporate flex for maximum comfort into a highly reliable, simple piece of technology.
But maximum flex isn't everything. Seat posts with too much flex have two crucial disadvantages:
1. High cadences cause the rider to start bouncing
2. The lack of damping delivers an uncomfortable kickback when riding over obstacles seated.
So some flex is good, but it must be controlled.

And because we want to make biker's lives that little bit easier, we paid attention to the smallest details. Like using EPDM O-rings to prevent the threaded inserts in the upper clamp from falling out when loosening the bolts.


General Information

  • no rider weight limitations
  • no usage restrictions
  • unidirectional (UD) carbon
  • titanium bolts


  • 0mm setback
  • max. saddle rail height 9.5mm
  • minimum insertion 100mm


  • ø 27,2mm, L 350mm, 200g
  • ø 27,2mm, L430mm, 220g
  • ø 30,9mm, L 430mm, 230g
  • ø 31,6mm , L430mm, 230g