Your questions

We have listed the most common and most important questions for you.

general topics

1. where to buy Newmen products?

NEWMEN GmbH is a manufacturer of bicycle components.
Our products and spare parts are sold through specialist shops.

In our dealer search you can find your store near you . Hier

2. where can I get purchase advice for the products?

Informations about our products you can find on our website.
In the FAQ's the most common questions are listed and there are many infos about intended use, rim width etc.

For further details and questions please contact your dealer.
Please understand that we cannot offer advisory.
The special shops are your contact persons on site.

Dealer search here

3. what about service/guarantee/crash replacement

first point of contact is the specialist shop where you purchased the product.
we do not offer service for third party manufacturers as PiRope, BC, Rose etc.

The conditions for warranty and crash replacement you can find here


1. Which hub generation do I have?

The most important information for service requests is the hub generation.

We differntiate between Gen1, Gen2 and our latest generation FADE.

The following link shows how Newmen Gen1 and Gen2 hubs can be distinguished. Here

FADE rear hubs can be recognized by a FADE logo on the hub body.

2. Where can I find the production code of my hub?

Every NEWMEN hub has a production code lasered onto the hub body. It is either between the spoke holes or next to the disc mount. Here

3. Can the sound level of my hub be changed?

The NEWMEN FADE rear hubs are designed with minimal driver noise in mind. This is achieved by the geometry of the pawls and the ratchet ring in combination with a special grease. If you want to increase the sound volume, the grease inside of the freewheel assembly can be removed until only a slight grease film is left on the pawls and the ratchet ring. If you want to reduce the sound even further the amount of grease can be increased up to the point where the hub is basically silent. This may only be done using the special FADE freewheel grease. Make sure there are no excessive amounts of grease in the pockets of the driver which contain the pawls.

4. Why does my new hub feel like it has a lot of drag when turning the hub axle at the endcaps?

Our ball bearings are engineered for maximum durability. In order to achieve this we have designed a special bearing seal which protects the bearing optimally from water and dirt finding their way inside. As soon as water or dirt penetrate a bearing seal, the bearings starts to corrode, hindering the bearings smoothness and greatly increasing drag. For our bearings tighter contact seals are being used which wear in noticeably after around 500km. The advantage is that the bearings even relatively short term have greatly reduced drag compared to improperly sealed bearings because they are protected against corrosion a lot better. On top of that, the type and the amount of grease specifically caters to the requirements of the low revolutions per minute which occur on bicycle wheels.

5. Can my hub be converted to Microspline?

The following PDF explains which NEWMEN hubs can be converted to Microspline.Here

6. Which grease can i use for lubing my Newmen FADE freehub?

Please use exclusively the following grease:

90762 - NEWMEN FADE Freewheel Grease 5g

you can find this grease and further spare parts here

7. Why does my wheel make squeaking or creaking noises?

The only common squeaking noise occurs when using a regular tube with out the valve fastening nut. During every revolution when the valve is at the bottom the tube compresses and the valve rubs against the rims valve hole. Creaking sounds at the rear hub usually occur from using Microspline Cassettes without using Shimanos washer with the part no. Y1X401500s. Creaking at the spokes can be caused under high loads on any conventionally laced wheel. Usually a small drop of oil at the spoke crossings solves this problem.

8. Can I use my NEWMEN hub with Campagnolo cassettes?

Alle NEWMEN FADE road hubs can be used with the NEWMEN Campagnolo N3W driver part no. 90181. This makes your hub compatible with all Campagnolo 12 and 13 speed cassettes.

You can find the freewheel compatibilityHere

9. Are bearings exchanged for warranty?

bearings are wearing parts and excluded from warranty.


1. Why are some tires difficult to mount onto NEWMEN rims?

In general tires from different manufacturers have different diameter tolerances and stretch different amounts after being pressurized for some time. In order to make our rims as safe as possible for use with various available tires, our rims have a very specific rim bed geometry which determines how easily or difficult a specific tire can be mounted to our rims. When mounting the tire it is very important to make sure that the beads are pushed into the lowered rim bed where the rim has the smallest effective diameter. If this is not the case all around the whole tire, mounting some tires can be near impossible.

2. What rim tape width should be used when conventional self adhesive rimtape is used on NEWMEN rims?

The exact rim tape widths can be found on the product page of the rim or wheel on our website. As a rule of thumb the rim tape should be around 10% wider than the inner width of the rim.

3. Is my NEWMEN wheel or rim tubeless ready?

Yes, all NEWMEN rims and wheels are tubeless ready.

4. With what spoke tension do NEWMEN wheels come from the factory?

We lace all our wheels with 1200N on the side with the steeper angled spokes.

5. Why are there hookless NEWMEN rims? Can the tire come off more easily?

Hookless rims don’t only have a lot of advantages for cars and motorcycles but also for bicycles: The rim flanges can be designed with less material and therefor less weight and increased durability. With tubeless easy/tubeless ready tires, the tire bead stretches so little under normal tire pressure, that the tire is safely secured on the rim even without hook. So if you want to be extra safe we recommend using tubeless ready/tubeless easy tires.
The diameter of our rims is at the upper limit of the ETRTO-standard. This makes for a secure and safe connection between tire and rim. All current rims went through our extensive in house burst pressure testing.
In combination with the maximum pressures in the table below, a tubeless tire blowing off one of our rims is close to impossible. By the way: Tires which are not explicitly tubeless compatible by the manufacturer must not be used tubeless!

6. What tire and rim width should I choose?

When increasing rim width while not changing your tire width, two things change: The tire sidewalls are shaped differently, they are more vertical and less bulb-shaped and the air volume of the tire/rim system increases. Due to the geometrical changes at the tire sidewalls, the tire can offer more support even when using lower pressures. But if the pressure is too high in relation to rim width and rider weight, the tire will feel wooden and uncomfortable. If the rim is too wide, the pressure can’t be lowered far enough to maintain a comfortable tire feel. With unchanged pressure, the increased tire volume also increases the tires bottom out resistance but although this advantage mostly gets cancelled out because of the necessity of running lower pressures with a wider rim in order to maintain comfort. In the end your tire width has to fit your rim width but you will always have to find the right compromise between tire support and comfort. In the following table you can find which tire/rim width combinations we reckon to be ideal. The heavier the rider, the wider the rim should be compared to the tire width.  Here

7. Am I able to run tire inserts with my NEWMEN rims?

Yes, all NEWMEN rims are allowed to be used with tire inserts.

8. What is the maximum brake disc size allowed with my NEWMEN hub?

All NEWMEN hubs can be used with brake discs up to 230mm diameter.

9. What spoke lengths do I need for my NEWMEN hub/rim?

Unfortunately we are no able to provide information on spoke lengths for combinations with third party rims or hubs. The lengths for all standard NEWMEN hub- and rim combinations can be found in the following pdf file.

10. For what kind of usage and loads have my rims and wheels been designed for? Can they be used for bikepark riding?

In the following PDF document we have explained with what kind of usage and loads in mind our different wheels and rims have been designed. Here

Handlebar, stem, seatpost

1. Which third party accessories may be used with my NEWMEN handlebar?

Various accessories may be mounted to our handlebars with a maximum torque of 2,5Nm. Excluded is the aero shape area of our road handlebars as well as mounting bar-ends to our mtb handlebars.

2. How much may I shorten my NEWMEN handlebar?

All NEWMEN handlebars can be shortened to whatever your liking is. Please make sure that you keep enough inward space for your brake/shift levers etc.

3. Which handlebars fit into the 318.2 2-bolt stem?

All NEWMEN MTB handlebars can be fit to our 318.2 stem. When mounting the handlebar the stem clamp can be opened up to 9mm with the mounting tool. Unfortunately we can’t provide any information on compatibility with third party handlebars.