Rims Road & Gravel

On the one hand, lightweight carbon aero rims, which are successfully used in Newmen Streem system wheels in the UCI World Tour peloton. On the other, wide, robust rims for gravel bikes made of carbon and aluminum, which are among the lightest gravel rims on the market.

Road & Gravel rims from Newmen

Rims have a key impact on the aerodynamics and acceleration of a road bike. That's why we combine the best aerodynamics with stable, reliable lightweight construction in our road bike rims. With the help of lengthy simulations and wind tunnel tests, we have trimmed all Newmen road carbon rims for the best possible aerodynamics. Just like our durable, stable MTB rims, the carbon aero rims also have to undergo an elaborate test procedure with breakage and impact tests in our in-house test laboratory. In addition, we at Newmen do not develop the road rims in isolation, but as part of a complete system wheel. Because only when the rim, spokes and hub are perfectly matched to each other is a first-class, high-quality aero wheel for a road or gravel bike created. This allows us to bring truly sophisticated road and gravel wheels made of carbon and aluminum to the market, which are tested according to the latest state of the art. For this reason, we do not sell our road rims individually, but only as complete system wheels. Our lightweight, wide gravel rims made of carbon and aluminum, on the other hand, are also available individually for custom wheel building.