Voluntary recall

and important safety precautions regarding NEWMEN roadbike wheels and rims
Voluntary recall

Wiggensbach 23.02.2021

With delivery of our 2021 wheels and rims we are receiving a lot of requests concerned about these current rims being affected by the 2018 recall because they are missing the "valve finder" decal.

None of the NEWMEN rims and wheels delivered from quarter 4 of 2018 are affected by this recall and they are safe to ride without any concern.
The updated rims can be identified as follows:

All updated "Evolution" aluminium rims have a "valve finder" decal as shown on the right. The recalled rims do not have this decal.

All recalled "Advanced" carbon rims will be replaced with the "Advanced SL R.38" rim. Since none of the R.38 rims have been produced with the faulty flanges, the R.38 rims do not have to be replaced in any case.
Valve Finder

Wiggensbach, 21th June 2018

Good news: The wheels with aluminium rims are being laced up with the updated rims (including hub service when necessary) and sent back to the dealers in the following days/weeks.
We continue to thank you for your understanding and the support of our dealers.

Wiggensbach, 20th April 2018

Dear customer,
dear authorized dealer,

as a responible manufacturer of innovative and quality products, MG-Components makes sure all products undergo thorough and in-depth testing. This is the only way we can ensure our high quality products to be safe and reliable. In course of our permanently ongoing market monitoring we have decided to issue a voluntary and precautious recall of the follwing roadbike wheels and rims:


The recalled products can be distinguished by the following features:
Newmen Evolution SL R-25
Newmen Evolution SL R-32
Newmen Advandces SL R-25

Due to unfavourable tire-rim-tolerances and/or tire installation errors, there is a possibility of the tire coming off the rim with immediate loss of air pressure which can cause unforeseeable ­consequences for your life and limb.


  • The following wheelsets are not allowed to be ridden anymore whatsoever with immediate effect.
  • Please inform all your customers about the immediate prohibition of use for their own safety.
  • Do not hand over any more bikes, wheels or rims of the listed types to your customers.

The recall affects the following Cube road bike models with Newmen wheelsets which have been sold from 23th May 2017 until the 20th April 2018.

Cube Agree Hybrid C.62 SL Disc white´n´black 2018 / 2019 (#139050)
Cube Agree Hybrid C.62 SLT Disc black edition 2018 (#139150)
Cube Agree C.62SLT Disc Carbon´n´black 2018 (#178400)
Cube Litening C.62 Race Disc teamline 2018 (#179200)
Cube Litening C.68 SLT Disc zeroblack 2017 (#879500)
Cube Litening C.68 SLT Disc zeroblack 2018 (#179400)
Cube Cross Race C.62 SL teamline 2018 (#188500)
Cube Cross Race C.62 SLT red´n´green 2018 (#188600)
Cube Special Edition Dealer Day Agree C.62 carbon´n´black 2018 (#189110)

The recall affects the following Newmen road bike rims which have been sold from 1st March 2017 until today:

as well as the following NEWMEN road bike wheelsets which have been sold from 1st March 2017 until today:
NEWMEN EVOLUTION SL R.25 (#90209, #90210)
NEWMEN EVOLUTION SL R.32 (#90211, #90212)
NEWMEN ADVANCED SL R.25 (#90183, #90184)

In order do ensure the safety of your customers we will offer you a fast, safe and satisfactory solution. All information regarding replacement and further steps will be announced in the ­upcoming 14 days. The replacement of the affected wheels will take place from the beginning of June.

On our website www.newmen-components.de we will provide all relevant news and updates as fast as possible.

In order to meet our information obligation we will issue an official letter to the publishers of the largest bike magazines (Delius Klasing Verlag, Motor Presse Stuttgart, Bielefelder Verlagsanstalt etc.) as well as all relevant industry magazines and portals (e.g. SAZbike, velobiz, Cyclinfo usw.) regarding the recall.

For the sake of completeness we would like to point out that, as an authorized dealer and distributor of our products, you are legally required to support us with this safety related recall.

In case of any further questions, feel free to contact us at
phone: +49 (0) 8370 9216122

Monday to Friday:
at 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. and 1 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.

We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences that may occur and would like to thank you in advance for responsibly helping us to ensure the safety of our customers.

With best regards
Michi Grätz
MG-Components GmbH & Co. KG
Am Mühlbach 5c
87487 Wiggensbach

Phone: +49 (0) 8370 9216122
E-Mail: info@mg-components.de

Represented by:
MG-Components Verwaltungs GmbH
General Manager: Michael Grätz
Registry Court: Amtsgericht Kempten
Register number: HRB 13208