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NEWMEN Grip Slat 31mm VGS 30A black

EUR 22.00 (UVP)
OD 31mm
Nummer: 90905
Name: NEWMEN Grip Slat 31mm VGS 30A black
NameLang: Härte Medium (Shore 30A)
Intended Use
Enduro / Trail
black, blue, red, orange, turquoise
110g / pair

Technical information / description

The Slat grip is inspired by skate shoes and combines grip and damping with its fishbone shaped top patch. The top patch offers comfort and the sawtooth design at the fingertips give you grip and control. Suited for everything from trail riding up to aggressive enduro riding. Supersoft but durable 25a compound.

VariGrip System

the right bike for every use, that can afford only the fewest. Meanwhile, there is a number of options to optimize a bike for touring or bikepark, such as flipchips on the frame or a second, robust wheelset. For these versatile and demanding riders Newmen offers a simple yet ingenious solution with the VarigRip System. The unique and innovative system allows a stepless handlebar width change of up to 50 mm.

Whether squeezing your bike through narrow trees and bushes on the single trails in Massa Marittima or pushing through wide bikepark berms in Leogang, everything is possible with a single handlebar. For cross-country to all-mountain with 710 - 760 mm version and enduro to downhill with the 760 - 810 mm version. Material options are aluminum or carbon and these are optionally available with 10, 25 and 40 mm Rise.

Smart and simple were the requirements for the VariGrip system. It was implemented by two threaded pieces, which are firmly laminated in the handlebar and grips. This allows the handlebar to be moved continuously by 25 mm on each side. In addition, the handlebar ends have special and reinforced threaded sleeves that provide the necessary stability even at maximum handlebar width. A scale with 5 mm intervals on the handlebar and the handle clamping with a 3mm Allen allow the foolproof and safe adjustment even on the trail.
Nummer: 90905
Name: NEWMEN Grip Slat 31mm VGS 30A black
NameLang: Härte Medium (Shore 30A)
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