With the development of our latest aero wheels for the road, we have created a piece of German engineering art. The new STREEM line achieves excellent values in CFD simulations and in the wind tunnel, is one of the lightest materials in the professional peloton and easily passes the endurance test in the laboratory. The Newmen STREEM road bike wheels are so fast and reliable that they bring in victories at the highest level.
With the first STREEM wheel family, we were already able to celebrate many successes at World Tour level, such as a Giro d'Italia stage win. But we wanted more! Tested by the professionals at Intermarché-Wanty and on our own test benches, the next generation of STREEM wheels is now ready for use on the road. Developed using the latest CFD technology, tested in the wind tunnel and ready for the toughest races in the UCI World Tour.
STREEM meets the highest demands when it comes to maximum speed. High-gloss decals meet matt carbon fiber. The classic black makes the STREEM wheels stand out perfectly on all bikes. Elegant, timeless, fast. Perfect propulsion - on the mountain and with every acceleration. At less than 1355 grams for the Sprint S.60/S.66 VONOA set and only 1030 grams for the C.35/C.38 VONOA climbing version, STREEM is at the absolute top of the aero segment.

1st place Gent-Wevelgem 2022 - Biniam Girmay
1st place Scheldeprijs 2022 - Alexander Kristoff
1st place stage 10 Giro d'Italia 2022 - Biniam Girmay
1st place stage 16 Giro d'Italia 2022 - Jan Hirt
1st place stage 6 Critérium du Dauphiné 2023 - Georg Zimmermann
1st place stage 15 La Vuelta 2023 - Rui Costa
1st place Le Samyn 2023 - Laurenz Rex
1st place stage 4 Itzulia Basque Country 2024 - Louis Meintjes

Streem Climbing C.35

Streem Climbing C.35/C.38 VONOA


The wheelset for many meters of altitude. The Streem Climbing C.35/C.38 VONOA were designed for riding in the mountains. At the same time, the lightweight in the STREEM series offers very good aerodynamic values. With a weight of 1030 g, the flattest Streem wheels offer an unbeatable compromise between lightweight construction and aerodynamics. With 15 VONOA carbon spokes at the front and 18 at the rear, they are ideal for mountainous stages without major aerodynamic losses. >> Learn more

Streem Allround A.49

Streem Allround A.49/A.54 VONOA


Weight, agility and aerodynamics in perfect balance - the all-rounders of the series and the first choice of the professionals at Intermarché Wanty. The Streem Allround A.49/A.54 feel at home on a wide variety of terrains, weigh only 1300 grams thanks to VONOA carbon spokes and offer optimum aerodynamics up to 32mm wide tires thanks to their 24mm wide rim. Even at this tire width, it achieves better wind tunnel results than many of its competitors with 28 mm tires. The advantages: More grip, more comfort, lower rolling resistance. >> Learn more

Streem Sprint S.60

Streem Sprint S.60/S.66 VONOA


More rim height for more speed. The Streem Sprint S.60/S.66 are the favorite wheels of the Intermarché-Wanty sprinters and are used on flat or undulating terrain when aerodynamics and agility are top priorities. With a 60 mm rim at the front and 66 mm at the rear, the Streem Sprint S.60/S.66 VONOA weighs just 1355 grams despite their first-class aerodynamics. The 22 mm wide hooked rim guarantees optimum aerodynamics up to 30 mm wide tires. The 32 mm outer width provides the basis for a rigid aero wheel and high speed in sprint finishes. >> Learn more

Advanced SL R.80

Advanced SL R.80 Streem


Uncompromisingly trimmed for aerodynamics. Our deepest Streem aero wheelset is best suited for fast courses. The 80 mm rim provides the strongest sailing effect and enables the highest speeds on the flat. The 1470 gram lightweight wheels have been uncompromisingly designed for low air resistance and delivers one of the best aerodynamic results ever measured in the GST wind tunnel in Immenstaad. The fastest setup for time trials and triathlons is achieved with 25 mm tires and the internal Streem Aero valve. Also very good on 28 mm tires thanks to the 33 mm outer width.

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rim profile
Allows the use of tubeless and clincher tires. With an inner width of 24mm (Allround A.49/A.54) and 22mm (Climbing C.35/C.38 / Sprint S.60/S.66 / TT.80) the rim profile is optimized for tires with a width of 25mm to 32mm. The shape of the wheel achieves excellent results in all wind conditions and stays neutral in sidewinds.
Unidirectional carbon straight from the mold. By using highest quality fibers, STREEM guarantee top values for stiffness and durability. The unadulterated rim impresses with its raw look and reduced weight.
High-gloss decals meet matt carbon fiber. The classic black makes STREEM work perfectly with all bikes. Elegant, timeless, fast.