Minimum weight, maximum performance.

Lightweight rims with just the right amount of stiffness make for blazing fast XC wheelsets.

Weight: 310g
EUR 390,- (MSRP)


NEWMEN Advanced SL X.A.25 and X.A.30 are the successors of our proven Advanced SL X.22 carbon fiber rim. We have set ourselves the target to create XC wheelsets which are as fast as possible while keeping the price reasonable. An important factor when pursuing seconds between the tape is rim width. Correct rim width is required in order to enable low tire pressures. This allows for maximum grip at minimum rolling resistance without squirming tires and reduced risk of rim strikes. For this reason we do not have one, but two successors for the X.22 rims. Our testing has concluded that, for XC purposes, 25mm inner width are ideal for tires up to 2.2" and 30mm rims are ideal for tires from 2.25" and upwards. By optimizing the wall thickness around the whole rim profile we have been able to achieve an industry-leading strength-to-weight-ratio and the high durability of the rim flanges allows for use on lightweight trailbikes. Shallow rim profiles provide comfort and grip while maintaining fast acceleration and responsiveness when putting power down.


General Information

  • engineered for XC/marathon racing
  • tubeless compatible hookless design
  • unidirectional (UD) carbon
  • required rim tape width 27mm
  • max. systemweight 125kg
  • max. spoke tension 1200N


  • wheelsize 29"
  • weight 310g
  • ETRTO 622-25c
  • spoke hole count 28
  • inner width 25mm