Brake Fatigue Test

We use this rig to simulate real-life braking processes on wheels fitted with disc brakes. As far as we know, there is no other test rig of its kind in the world – yet this kind of testing is vital. That's why we developed and built the rig ourselves to be able to test the huge forces that disc brakes exert on wheels.

The brake rotor is affixed to the rig, which is compatible with all brake disc diameters and disc standards. Braking force is applied to the wheel using a belt whilst the force of the weight distribution created by the load change is applied from below using a cylinder. This cylinder applies the force via a floating plate at the precise moment that the braking force is applied to the wheel.

Thanks to this rig we have been able to double the durability of our hubs with a weight penalty of just 10 grammes.
Potential issues:
  • Hub flange breaks
  • Spokes and/or nipples break prematurely
  • Rim tears, especially in the vicinity of the spoke holes
  • Cracks in the rim
  • Spokes come loose

The test can be performed with or without tyres.