NEWMEN Testlab

... the way to success.

An in-house test lab is absolutely vital for any company that wants to produce genuinely well-designed parts that stand the test of time. This is especially true when the parts have to be both safe and as light as possible, too. Not only that, we feel that most of the minimum legal standards applicable to manufacturers of bike parts are simply not high enough.

That's why we have a fully equipped in-house test lab with our own test rigs.

And because we want our component testing to be as rigorous as possible, we also design our own in-house testing standards and build the necessary test rigs if they're not available on the market.

Wheel Testing

  • Burst Pressure Testing
  • Drum Testing
  • Brake Fatigue Testing
  • Drive Fatigue Testing
  • Rim Impact
  • Spoke Pull Out
  • Wheel Stiffness

Handlebar & Stem Testing

  • Max Load Test
  • Fatigue Test
  • Handlebar Stiffness Test

Seatpost Testing

Max Load Test
Fatigue Test
Seatpost Stiffness Test