Die minimalst mögliche Nippellochverstärkung.

Our patented MG-washer is the perfect solution for a lightweight but solid connection between nipple and rim.
Maximum performance at minimum weight.

Weight 0.3g
EUR   7,99,- (MSRP) per 70 pcs.
EUR 49,99,- (MSRP) per 500 pcs.


height: 2 mm
outer diameter: 7.5 mm

Material: Stainless
Speichennippel: only compatible with Sapim Polyax


Our goal is to manufacture components which are as light and strong as possible.
This means only using the exact required amount of material where it is needed.
MG-washers are the best example for demonstrating this concept.
At the spoke holes, rims either have quite high wall thicknesses, or if they have less material, the holes become weak points.
When examining the tiny contact area between nipples and rims it is easy to understand why spoke holes are prone to be weak points.
Maximum forces of up to 3000N on a single spoke cause cracks aroudn the holes in the long term.
We have engineered our rims with way higher resistance against such cracks while retaining the lightest weight possible thanks to our MG-washer.
Every other solution requires more material at the rim which makes the rim heavier.
On top of that the friction between nipples and rim is highly reduced when building and truing the wheel.
Only requirement is a flat surface around the spoke hole for the washers to rest on.