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Technology Road

STREEM stands for superior aerodynamics combined with lightweight while maintaining durability. All products designated to our STREEM line-up have their main focus on decreasing aerodynamic drag to a minimum which is achieved by meticulous simulation and wind tunnel testing.

Rim profile
All STREEM rim profiles went through multiple iterations with multiple wind tunnel test and offer minimal aero drag while maintaining great sailing effects. The 18mm inner width perfectly matches with 25mm wide tires and offers a reduced frontal area. The internal spoke nipples improve the aerodynamics even further and offer great looks – which of course is almost as important as performance.

The STREEM Aero-Valve
With regular wheels the valve gets constantly dragged through the air, causing unwanted turbulences near the rims. The solution is our STREEM valve which is protected from the airstreem inside the rims. On top of the measureably improved aerodynamics the hidden valves provide an unfamiliarly clean look. In case you would rather use regular valves every wheel is provided with a reducer for easy use with regular valves.

The hubs
The front hubs are engineered the best possible aerodynamics in mind and compared to our previous road hubs drag has been reduced by 15% in combination with the 21 aero spokes. This has been achieved by reducing the hub body diameter as much as possible as well as optimizing the spoke flanges. The rear hubs are compatible with all common driver/cassette standards and perfectly match the sleek design of the the front hubs and rims. The driver has more than proven itself in the mountain bike world.

The bearings
The double sealed cage ball bearings make for super smooth hubs with low drag, even long term. The front hubs use two and the rear hubs four bearings. The grease and bearings seals have been designed by ourselves and provide dramatic improvements especially regarding durability and smooth running hubs for kilometers on end.