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We delved deep into our bag of tricks to create wheels that are amazingly light yet incredibly strong, and we're confident that it was worth the effort!

We incorporated:
  • A completely rounded, optimised rim profile
  • A flared design with optimised flange length and sidewall thickness
  • Above-average flange strength
  • A spoke bed designed to work perfectly with our MG Washers
  • High-strength, special heat-treated aluminium alloy

The completely rounded, optimised rim profile has allowed us to reduce the thickness of the sidewalls whilst the flared flanges keep the bed area down to an absolute minimum.

A narrower bed means less material.
Less material means less weight.

But we didn't stop there! We also optimised the cross section and wall thicknesses for each rim width.
Our clever design reduces the risk of rocks denting the outside of the rim and helps to prevent the rim profile from deforming under excessive loads or when riding over potholes, etc.

The flared flanges are stronger than comparable rival products and are what make our rims extremely ding-resistant in relation to their weight.
Who's idea was it? Flared flanges have been used in motocross and enduro for many years.


The stem with a 2-bolt clamp

In our opinion the only real revolution to take place in stem design over the last 15 years. Our goal was to build the lightest 3D-forged oversize stem on the market that was both incredibly stiff and stronger than average. We refused to compromise on design and especially size.


Seatpost - Does flex equal comfort?

Flex is the word on everyone's lips. The more, the better… so they say. But that simply is not the case. Why else do vehicles with spring suspension also need dampers? Without damping, a component with too much flex is a curse rather than a blessing. Undamped deflection causes oscillation and turns what was meant to be a pro into a definite con. A seat post that flexes too much will literally kick the rider out of the saddle when riding over obstacles. Our appeal to the bike testers: Please take this into consideration and don't focus solely on the maximum flex values achieved in the test lab! That's why we don't build maximum flex into our components; we find and perfect the right level of flex for optimum comfort.



Featuring an innovative geometry for an improved wrist position and reduced fatigue, our newly engineered handlebars have an increased upsweep compared to average existing handlebars. This grants an improved wrist- and hand position without resorting to excessive backsweep.

Compared to handlebars with increased backsweep (12° or more), this allows riding in attack-position, while placing your wrists at an optimal angle and still maintaining the increased comfort during more neutral positioning on the bike.

We only offer handlebars with 31.8mm diameter as we believe that increasing the diameter to 35mm makes for a less comfortable handlebar with either worse impact resistance or increased weight compared to 31.8mm.

Our new NEWMEN handlebar series is available at 3 different price points. Whether you chose a budget friendly aluminum option or a high end carbon option, all handlebars have identical geometry and comfortable feel on the trail. Of course they come without any weight or usage restrictions, which our handlebars and stems are known for.