High-end carbon flat bar.

Highend carbon flatbar. Highest quality materials ensure a perfect mixture of comfort, lightweight and longterm durability.

Weight: 185g
EUR 189- (MSRP)


Featuring an innovative geometry for an improved wrist position and reduced fatigue, our newly engineered handlebars have an increased upsweep compared to average existing handlebars. This grants an improved wrist- and hand position without resorting to excessive backsweep. Compared to handlebars with increased backsweep (12° or more), this allows riding in attackposition, while placing your wrists at an optimal angle and still maintaining the increased comfort during more neutral positioning on the bike.
We only offer handlebars with 31.8mm diameter as we believe that increasing the diameter to 35mm makes for a less comfortable handlebar with either worse impact resistance or increased weight compared to 31.8mm.


Clamp diameter: 31.8 mm
Width: 760 mm
Rise: 10 mm
Upsweep: 8°

Weight: 185g
Weight restriction: None
engineered for: XC, Trail and AM