Drive Fatigue Test

This rig realistically simulates the force transmitted to the wheels by the drivetrain. We developed it together with one of our suppliers and, as far as we know, only one other competitor is currently using a rig of this kind for similar testing.

The wheel itself is mounted to a swing arm and held in place with a belt. Weight is added to the end of the swing arm to simulate the maximum vertical wheel force. A lever attached to the freewheel body applies a given torque (chain load). This allows us to test the durability of the entire rear hub, the spokes and the rim.

Wheel Overload Test

This tests the amount of force that is needed to cause the wheel to collapse (cave in on itself).

A wheel is clamped in the rig and increasing force is applied until the wheel crumples. We feel that this test is absolutely essential in order to rule out any failure of this kind when out on the road, especially when it comes to lightweight carbon wheels.

The test can be performed with or without tyres.