Wheel Fatigue Test

The drum rig is used to simulate the forces exerted on the wheel when in motion. Depending on the wheel type, various tests are carried out by loading the wheel with different weights, introducing obstacles, varying the speed and increasing the number of impacts to reflect the specific type of use.

This does not include skew testing, which we feel represents an unrealistic application of force. Instead, we use a lateral force test, which we think is much more representative. In the lateral force test, we introduce bumps that hit the tyre tread laterally at the tyre contact point to send a lateral shock through the wheel, which is far more true to life.
Potential issues:
  • Hub flange breaks
  • Hub axle breaks
  • Spokes and/or nipples break prematurely
  • Rim tears, especially in the vicinity of the spoke holes
  • Cracks in the rim
  • Spokes come loose

Number of drum rigs: 2