Seat post testing

Fatigue Test

We use our special seat post test rig to test our seat posts in accordance with the German DINplus enhanced quality standard.
Potential issues:
  • Seat post head breaks
  • Seat post breaks
  • Saddle fixing bolts break
  • Saddle clamp twists

Max. Load Test

This test rig applies a known static load to seat posts. This test is particularly important for seat posts as it gives us a lot of information about how carbon posts fail under extremely high loads.

Potential issues:
  • Stem breaks
  • Handlebars break
  • Bolts break
  • Handlebars twist

Sattelst├╝tzen Stiffness Test

This test measures how comfortable our seat posts are. The seat post is clamped in the rig at a given angle and increasing force is applied up to a known limit. The amount of deflection is measured and recorded continually whilst the force is being applied. This test gives us a lot of information about the level of comfort offered by different seat posts.